06 January 2014

The Little Coral Box: A Giveaway

What better way to start the first Monday in a new year than with a giveaway!! I'm honored to have this sweet Etsy shop, The Little Coral Box, on my blog today giving a lucky reader some shop credit!

"Our shop has been an idea floating around for quite awhile. While Kat runs a scrapbook store + Stephanie teaches full time and runs an online lesson plan store, time was not on our side. One day it just kind of clicked + we decided to just go for it.

We started brainstorming business names the very next minute. We knew we wanted it to be something beach-y (because we both love the beach), but something that stood out + was identifiable.

All [nice] jewelry comes in a little box. Sometimes it's a plain brown or white box, but then sometimes you get lucky + it's a colorful box. Coral. A beautiful color + an essential part of the ocean. Enter The Little Coral Box.

Giveaway: $20 gift certificate to The Little Coral Box


  1. Loving the jewelry!! I'll have to check it out-- and maybe hint around a bit for Valentine's Day ;p

  2. cute jewelry! I live an hour outside of Memphis...in Mississippi. Nice blog!


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