03 January 2014

Kylie in the Sky

Hi, Ten Feet Off Beale readers! I'm Kylie, of the blog Kylie in the Sky. Alyssa has been kind enough to let me commandeer her blog today to introduce myself!

This is me when I'm trying to be cute and blog-worthy:
 photo DSCN1987edit_zps1f354270.jpg

And this is me when my Canadian roommate and I try to fit in the same pair of footie pajamas:
 photo BD3002B3-E993-4CAF-BD13-AA26BEAA417C-3337-000002F845AA7913_zps104263d2.jpg
I get myself in situations like this far too often to be considered healthy.
My blog is called "Kylie in the Sky" because I'm a dreamer, and I tend to have my head up in the clouds about 95% of the time. It is not called "Kylie in the Sky" because of that Beatles song about LSD, which I didn't know was a thing until after I had already named my blog. Woops. 
Before I leave you to keep perusing the blog world (and check out my place if you'd like!), here is a short list of things that i really like:
making lists
warm weather
shopping for things i don't need
princess diaries
talking about dating
living with roommates
planning elaborate dinner parties
anything related to harry potter, lord of the rings, or star wars
country music

Okay, okay, now that I've talked about myself forever, come on over and leave me a comment so I can get to know you guys too!

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