20 March 2014

5 Things About the Memphis Trolley

5 Things to Know About the Memphis Trolley // Ten Feet Off Beale http://www.tenfeetoffbeale.com
I feel incredibly lucky to live and work in Downtown Memphis. Everyday, instead of hopping in my car to commute to work, I walk to a trolley station. Here are five of my favorite things about the Downtown Memphis Trolley:

 The Charm
There is something so picturesque about the trolleys as they drive down Main Street. Many people don't realize how charming the trolleys are on the inside! For public transportation, they're pretty amazing.

Inside a Memphis Trolley // Ten Feet Off Beale http://www.tenfeetoffbeale.com   
The Price
Riding the trolley is incredibly affordable. For only $1.00 you can hop on the "Riverfront" line and ride past all the incredible landmarks that are Downtown. You get amazing views of the Mississippi River, the Pyramid, and the National Civil Rights Museum among many many other things.

For $3.50 you can buy a pass that is good for an entire day. It gives you a chance to do lots of sight seeing and not have to get back in your car.

The kicker is the 6 month pass. I pay $75 for as many rides as I need in a 6 month period. That's 6 months of commuting to work for the price of a tank and a half of gas in my car! It's pretty incredible.
The Drivers
As a regular trolley rider, I've gotten to know a few of the trolley drivers. Pretty much every morning and every afternoon I have the same trolley driver. One morning I was running late. I was about a block away from my trolley station as the trolley drove by. My regular driver saw me coming and waited for me!! How nice is that?!

Not only are the drivers incredibly kind to us commuters, they are also extremely helpful with tourists and visitors. Many drivers will announce the landmarks near the stations they're stopping at and they're also always willing to give directions or help people find the right trolley stop.

The Convenience
Typically, you don't have to wait more than ten minutes for a trolley. They're a great source of transportation for us commuters, but they're also great for going out on the weekend. While the trolleys don't run all night, the Main Street line runs until midnight on Saturdays.

The Whistle
This one might be my all-time favorite thing about the trolley. When I'm sitting at my desk at work, sometimes I can hear a faint "toot toot" of the trolley whistle. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think it's just the sweetest way for the trolley to announce itself! I especially love when the drivers blow the whistle when children are nearby. The kids love it!

The trolley is one of the many things I love about this city. It makes me sad when I hear of people who live Downtown or frequently visit Downtown and don't ride the trolley! It's something special that we have here in Memphis and it's something we should all appreciate. So, if you're ever in Memphis, might I suggest a trolley ride? 


  1. woah- I wish the NYC MetroCards were that cheap! And this looks like so much fun, a great way to look around the city!

    - Rebekah @ Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles

  2. I can really see the charm! They look so cute! I wish we had something like this in Pittsburgh!

  3. I've never been on a trolley and I'm so its so cute and charming to ride! I have it on my bucket list to ride it one day!

    Check out my latest blog post? :D

    Darianne // She wrote day!

  4. I haven't gone for a ride on the trolley yet and I feel like I need to!

    carelessly graceful

  5. Envious of those prices! The subway is a heck of a lot less charming and my monthly unlimited card is over $100!

  6. This is just adorable! I've never been very interested in Memphis but this is making it look rather delightful :D
    Always up for some place new!



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