10 March 2014

Eating in Memphis (29) - Huey's

Eating in Memphis: Huey's // Ten Feet Off Beale http://www.tenfeetoffbeale.com

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather on Saturday and walked over to Huey's downtown. Now, This wasn't the first time we had been to Huey's and it wasn't the first time Jeremy ordered a burger, but it was my first time bringing my camera, so, of course, it had to be documented!

There are Huey's restaurants located all over the Memphis area and they're all exactly the same. Meaning, they're convenient and you'll never be disappointed. Huey's is the best place to just hang out and have some good fried bar food.
Huey's Burger // Ten Feet Off Beale http://www.tenfeetoffbeale.com
Since the burger was the item on the Eating in Memphis list, Jeremy ordered that! He took the first bite and said, "man, this is such a good burger." After totally clearing his entire plate, we tried to figure out why the burger was so good. I mean, it's very simple. Pretty much just a burger on a bun. We don't know what makes it so delicious, but he was definitely happy that's what he ordered.
Huey's Fried Pickles // Ten Feet Off Beale http://www.tenfeetoffbeale.com
Since I don't eat burgers, I ordered Chicken Miners, basically they were little chicken sandwiches and they were delicccccious. Also, every time we go to Huey's ordering fried pickles is a MUST. I love fried pickles and Huey's has some of the best I've ever had.

While you're there, be sure to sign your name on the wall and try to shoot your toothpick into the ceiling tiles!
Huey's Downtown Memphis // Ten Feet Off Beale http://www.tenfeetoffbeale.com Eating in Memphis: Huey's // Ten Feet Off Beale http://www.tenfeetoffbeale.com

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  1. Hueys is amazing! I've eaten all the locations, and my only complaint is that they are always so packed!

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  3. Have you all tried a burger from Roxie's yet? I think those are the best downtown burgers.
    My other choices around the Greater MidSouth area...
    Broadway Pizza
    Erling Jensen (only available in bar)
    Buon Cibo
    Off the Hoof
    Alex's Tavern
    Ernestine and Hazels
    Elwoods Shack
    The Burger Joint (BGR) - so many burgers, most get the Wellington
    Cafe Eclectic
    J Alexander's
    Belmont Grill
    Kooky Canuck
    Uncle Lou's (Monster Burger)
    Parkway Grille aka Kwik Shop
    Green Beetle
    Tops BBQ
    The Slider Inn
    Caritas Village
    Black Bean Burger from Movie & Pizza company (on pretzel bun)
    Mot & Eds Stuffed Turkey Burger

    Admittedly, I still need to try these burgers:
    Sweet Grass Next Door's Pimento Cheese & Bacon Burger
    Prohibition Burger from Hog n Hominy
    Sriracha Blue Cheese Onion Ring Burger from SOB
    Big Burger
    Young Ave Deli
    Cave's Soul Food
    Jack Pirtle’s Chicken
    Reese’s BBQ
    Checkered Cow
    Ms Dee's
    Side Street Burgers in Olive Branch

    I also hear the burger from Good Heaven's food truck is incredible!

  4. yes, a burger from Broadway Pizza... but don't get the pizza! Burger is way good; the pizza? #notsomuch
    I neglected to mention Plumpy's BBQ in Arlington and I also hear Jalapenos in Somerville has a great burger.

  5. Since you don't eat burgers, can you get the stuffed turkey burger from Mot & Ed's?
    You should definitely check out the black bean burger at Movie & Pizza Co. Get it on a pretzel bun...
    or do you not do any type of burger?

  6. We went to Memphis for a weekend a few years ago with our kids. We still talk about shooting toothpicks into the ceiling! We loved the zoo, and the firefighters museum, and having dessert with the ducks at the peabody too.


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