25 March 2014

Our New Chair

Vintage Chair   
Vintage Chair // Ten Feet Off Beale http://www.tenfeetoffbeale.com Cat nap // Ten Feet Off Beale
From the very first day Jeremy and I bought our condo (and probably even before that), we always talked about how we wanted a corner with a big comfy chair. A chair that doesn't face a TV, a chair for reading, a chair for just sitting and relaxing. Well, since I'm all about everything mid-century and I am a total sucker for "real" furniture (aka old, heavy furniture), I have been patient in my search for the perfect chair for our reading nook. I wanted something with charm, something vintage, and something that made a statement.

Recently, Jeremy's parent's asked us if we would want to bring this beautiful chair to our condo! This chair is better than any chair I could have found at an antique shop or garage sale. It belonged to Jeremy's grandmother who is no longer with us. While I never had the opportunity to meet her, I love that we can have a piece of his family in our home while we are becoming our own family (officially in only 66 days!!)

PS. Jeremy, before you freak out, as soon as I took this picture I quickly removed Dexter Mittens from the chair :) I know I knowwww, the pets are not allowed on the furniture. It was just too cute to not take a picture!!!


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