05 March 2014

Wedding Wednesday: It's Crunch Time

Countdown to #aVeryLongWedding
You guys, sometimes it feels like yesterday that Jeremy and I got enaged. Other times it feels as if we've been counting down until our wedding day forrrrreverrrr. Honestly, I'm trying to enjoy this chapter of my life but I am so gosh darn excited to be Jeremy's wife!!

We are at just about three months from the big day and I feel like I've done a bunch, or do I have a lot left? If you've ever planned a wedding, I'm hoping you can relate to this crazy time. Most of the big stuff has been planned for a while, or I've at least had an idea of what I wanted, and now the final pieces are all starting to fall into place. I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with the process so I thought a list might help!

Set a date May 31, 2014
Venue Peabody Hotel, Memphis, TN
Engagement pictures
Hire coordinator 
Ceremony musicians
Guest list
Invitations Chosen but not sent
Guest book
Plan ceremony
Wedding dress
Wedding shoes
Bridesmaid dresses
Groom/groomsmen attire
Makeup and hair
Bouquet wrap
Flower girl dresses
Bridal party gifts
Wedding rings
Reception Band
Cake knife I'm using my parent's
Toasting glasses Again, using my parent's
1st dance song
Finalize menu
Marriage license
Wedding favors
Grooms cake
Thank you notes
Place cards
Seating chart
Groom gift
Honeymoon Jamaica

Even though I'm sure I left stuff off that list anddd there's a whole lot left to do, I'm feeling pretty good about what we have accomplished!! I don't know what I'd do without all the people (especially you, Mom!!) helping me plan this dream day. As each detail gets finalized I am more and more excited for May 31st, and I'm more and more excited for my marriage. After-all, it's not just about the wedding, it's about the marriage.


  1. You have a ton done already! I feel the same with things to do. We have a lot done, but still do much left to do. We are at 108 days as of yesterday and that freaks me out a little bit, seeing that number!

    I can't believe our days are SO CLOSE to being here. Things are slowly coming together for you though, and that is the most important thing. And it helps (in my opinion) that we have had long engagements. Thank goodness for that!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Sooooo exciting!!!!! The peabody is amazing!!!! I used a panoramic coffee table book of Cincinnati pictures for my guest book. I LOVED IT!!!! Maybe you can find a cool Memphis coffee table book for your guest book!! :)

  3. I got really overwhelmed during my wedding planning, so be sure you remember to take time for YOURSELF outside of planning a wedding. It can seem like it consumes your whole life, but trust me. You need a breather in order to keep your mind fresh!

    And I didn't know the wedding was at the Peabody! So nice! I loooooove the Peabody!

  4. This is so exciting! It will be here before you know it!

  5. I think we were still deciding the first dance song up until the night before - you'll be surprised how many little details pop up right before the big day! Congrats - you've got a lot done!

  6. Girlie, you've got your head on so straight it's amazing. It's 100% about the marriage not the 'ceremony' so all the details that need to work out will.

    Your list looks great!

  7. So exciting! If you have not found a makeup artist yet, I would highly recommend Kasey Acuff from Memphis. She is FANTASTIC!

  8. I am so excited for you in general but super excited that you're getting married at the Peabody! That hotel is AMAZING!!!

  9. Go girlfriend we are 2 months and 27 days away...but who's counting...so exciting for y'all! I would definitely get the groom/groomsmen attire set and get the boys all the info to rent (or whatever you're doing) this month + I would 100% book your hair and make up! Things can book crazy far in advance. Our invitations are being printed right now...eek!! So excited. The calligrapher got the envelopes early and is getting to work on those early next week. Such exciting times but like you, I am just ready for the big day and to be Spyros' wifey!! :) Xx.

  10. Ahh the Peabody, I love it!

    I can't wait to see it all come together!

    thanks for linking up with us!

  11. good job on using your parents cake knives and toasting glasses, very sentimental. We used a photo book of our engagement photos for our guest book. And the thank you notes, never seem to end! thanks for linking up

  12. I love that picture of you guys! :) So exciting that it's finally coming together!!

  13. Yay it's getting so close! How exciting!!!


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