24 April 2014

A Bathroom Update

Since day one of living in the condo, I've had lots and lots of ideas for projects I want to do, things I want to update, and many many other things to make our first house our home. Needless to say, my "honey do" list has gotten pretty long (sorry, Jeremy!). Well, this past weekend we tackled one thing I've had on my list since the very beginning. We painted the bathroom.

There are no windows in the bathroom so there is no natural light. The dark beige that it was painted made it feel so sterile and not very homey at all. This needed to change. We decided to go with a very pretty light bluish grey color (it's Behr Salt Glaze for anyone interested). It came out so much better than I imagined!! The room feels so much brighter!!

In addition to giving the bathroom a new paint job, we also updated the shower curtain which adds to the drastic difference.

I absolutely love the way the bathroom is turning out! Don't worry, I still have a few more projects in mind that I want to accomplish in this little space.

PS. I think it's funny that even my camera seems to like the new paint!!


  1. I love the color! Behr paint is amazing and that color really freshens up the bathroom... almost spa like!

  2. I just came upon your blog- I'm loving it! You have a "new" follower---



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