10 April 2014

Some Facts

Lately there have been a bunch of new readers around here so I thought I'd let you guys in on some facts about me you might or might not already know!! Just a warning, they are all incredddddibly random :)

Oh, and before you leave, leave a comment with something fun and interesting about yourself!!

- Sometimes, I wake myself up sleep talking. My future husband (eeeeee 50 days!!) is probbbbbably in for some interesting conversations in the middle of the night. (Sorry, Jeremy)

- I have seen every single episode of The Office hundreds of times (no exaggeration). Seriously, it will never get old.

- I have been to Space Camp! #nerdalert

- I was a high jumper in high school and even made it to the State finals.

- Singing in the Rain is my all time, hands down, favorite movie EVER! If you haven't seen it. You MUST!!

- I was (and still am) a diehard Backstreet Boys fan. Although I guess mayyyyyyyybe JT is starting to grow on me. It's hard not to like him when you live in Memphis.

- The summer before I moved to Memphis I auditioned for American Idol with my best friend, Mary. No, we didn't get on the actual show but it was an amazing and incredibly fun experience!

- My dream job is to be a Disney princess. Seriously, I think I'd be really good at it!

- I think I might have an unhealthy obsession with coffee. I'm pretty much useless in the morning until I have at least one cup.

- In college I was a Game Presentation Intern for the Philadelphia Flyers. Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds. I was responsible for creating graphics to be used during the game. I even got to see the team go all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals!

Well, There you have it!! Some random little tidbits about me!! Don't forget to leave a comment with something interesting about yourself :)



  1. Love all your random facts... Here's one of mine - I don't like odd numbers. Weird - but true!

  2. Love this! Random fact: we must have the same wedding date because I'm 50 days out too! Great minds think alike!:-)

  3. This is so cute. Random fact: I have never been to a concert in Memphis even though I live too close to not have!

  4. Singing in the Rain is one of the best movies of all time- I sing/say lines from it constantly and no one ever has any idea what I am talking about. lame. And 'Nsync is obviously the better boy band here...haha jk, I'm a Backstreet fan as well but way more into the 'Nsync, Ryan Seacrest's April Fool's joke this year was rude.

    - Rebekah

  5. I'm so jealous about Space Camp! :O

    Well something about meeee... um, I love purple, and I'm a nut for Volkswagens and modified cars, and I once fell over the side of a sports arena wall and now I have a scar on my stomach that people think is a C-section scar but really it's just from a screw being stuck in that wall. Fun fact!

    - Michelle at PermanentDaydream.com

  6. You would be an awesome Disney Princess!, random fact: some nights even when i'm tired, i just simply can't sleep until i hold my teddy bear, yes I'm a grow up woman sleeping with a teddy bear, but i need something to hug!

  7. I like your dream job!! It would be so fun to be at Disney all the time. Hmm fun (funny) fact about me, I'm terrified of chickens!

  8. You could be a great Disney princess! I see you as Belle. I am a English nerd, I wrote a whole speech on why it is important in your daily life and education. :D

    -Darianne ♥ | She Wrote Today

  9. Random Facts: I'm afraid of squirrels. I always look at the clock at 6:23. I have to pick at my nail polish once it starts chipping.

  10. I auditioned for Wheel of Fortune! I didn't get picked, but it was fun. And I love the Office, I watched it earlier today

  11. I'm an office fanatic too and have also watched each episode hundreds of times! seriously thee best comedy series ever!!!


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