09 May 2014

Decorating is Easy with Kleenex

As you may or may not know, we recently painted our bathroom. What that means is that I am now pretty much obsessed with decorating it. I've been searching Pinterest and home design blogs and let me tell you, there are some gorgeous bathrooms out there. There's always something missing though! In my bathroom it's pretty common to find hair gel, a brush, or some other normal bathroom item lying on the counter. Let's face it. This is real life. It's unrealistic (at least for me, I guess) to keep evvvverything hidden away in cabinets at all times.

Well, Kleenex is making it possible to not sacrifice style for practicality! They are making it easy to leave a useful product out on the bathroom counter, and it will still look great. There are tons of different patterns, designs, and styles of boxes available from Kleenex. Be sure to visit the Style Studio and find the right one for you and your space! I mean, realistically there's a different box for each room in your house.

Since my bathroom is also my guest bathroom (we only have one), it's extra important to me that everything is put together when people come over. I think it's great that I can now leave a beautiful tissue box out without it taking away from how I've decorated the room.

Kleenex is making decorating easy and realistic. I love that!

So, which style is your favorite?

This post has been sponsored by Kleenex and Linqia, however, all opinions are entirely my own.


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