08 May 2014

Mighty Mississippi

The Mississippi River is a huggeeee part of Memphis. You can't be downtown without catching a glimpse. Even though it's always there and even though it's beautiful, I tend to forget about it! The river isn't used here as much as other rivers that run through major cities (there are relatively few recreational activities on the river) and I guess I've just gotten used to it.

Jeremy, Harrison, and I went on a walk a little bit ago and ended up on the river bank. We have a new area down there called Beale Street Landing that's really giving Memphians an opportunity to get up close and personal with the Mississippi. This got me thinking. I don't give this river the love it deserves. It's the third largest river in North America and I don't appreciate it.

While Harrison was splashing through the water I realized how lucky I am to live only a few blocks from this breathtaking river. I can see the river from my desk at work and even from my living room window. I guess all I'm saying is take a second and look around!! You could be missing some amazing and beautiful things :) 



  1. Love it :) And this makes me want a trip to Memphis SOON.

  2. This is one thing I don't like about Nashville. We have a small river, but nothing like the Mississippi or even the great lakes up North.


  3. Makes me proud to read a post like this! I love going to Memphis and taking in the views on the river. It really IS mighty and beautiful. Thanks for making us stop and realize that :)

  4. You should see pictures of when it was actually clean. It wasn't always brown and yucky. It was once so green.


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