22 August 2014

Another Fix

Stitch Fix is stillllll my favorite way to shop these days. There are about one million other things I'd rather do than wonder around a mall trying to find things I like. Stitch Fix is the solution. A box full of clothes I love and clothes I would never have thought I would love but do  show up on my doorstep. The toughest part is narrowing down which item (or items) I'm going to keep!

Does this green one look familiar?? I bought this in dark green a few Stitch Fix boxes back and wear it all. the. time. (like in this post!!) Not sure, though, if I want another one!!

So, which should I keep this time around? 

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  1. Keep it all! Looks great! (Especially love that maxi! Would be perfect till at least November with a cute denim jacket!)

  2. I love the white lace tank (because it's like 8,000 degrees finally!) and the striped long sleeve! :)


  3. Definitely keep that first top and the second dress!!! Love those!

  4. Keep it all! It's all so pretty! The maxi dress is definitely a win, I have to say!

    Ivory Avenue

  5. Oh my gosh, I love it all!!! Like I can't even tell you which I love the most!!! Those first 3 are definitely my favorite, and you look beautiful in everything.

  6. That maxi dress is a must-keep!!! Looks so fab.

    xo, Mandy
    Saguaros & Stilettos

  7. I love it all! Just like most people are saying (: My favorite is the second dress- the multi-colored maxi!

  8. That dress is absolutely stunning on you Alyssa and I love that necklace too! All your pictures are so beautiful! I'm still considering whether to start Stitch Fix or some of the other online beauty subscription services like Ipsy, Birchbox and Vain Pursuits. Do you have any suggestions? :)

  9. Love the maxi dress! Do you remember the name of it by chance??


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