20 August 2014

#AVeryLongWedding: First Looks

Yes, you read that right. I titled this post "First Looks"... plural. That's because I had two first looks on my wedding day!

Jeremy and I decided that we wanted to see each other before the ceremony so we could get pictures taken to have more time with our guests celebrating. I'll be honest, during the planning process I had all these elaborate ideas for a first look in my head from constant Pinterest browsing (balloons were part of the equation), but in the end, it was simple and it was so incredibly perfect. Our photographer, Jon Sharman (aka best there is), and our videographers, 314 Productions (who are also the best), scoped our this amazing hallway and the pictures turned out perfectly.

I also decided that I wanted to do a special First Look with my Dad and my brother. This was one of the best decisions I've ever made, especially considering these are some of the sweetest moments with my Father and also some of the last I'll ever have.

I realize this is a pretty photo heavy post, I couldn't narrow it down to any fewer!! I love each of these moments so very very much.

Photographer: Jon Sharman Photography
Videography: 314 Productions
Flowers: Holliday Flowers
Hair & Makeup: Capelli

Next week I'll be talking about these gorgeous ladies (and my brother who was my maid of honor!!) 


  1. I love this so much! Looking back, I really wish I would've done a first look...hindsight, right?! You are lovely and these are just so sweet :)

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  2. That's a great idea. I love the fact that you did multiple first looks! Too cute

  3. All of these pictures are absolutely gorgeous! And I love that you did a first look with your dad. That is one thing I wish I had included in my wedding!

  4. Oh my goodness, these are just beautiful! You should be in a magazine! Honestly these are some of the best First Look photos I've ever seen!

    I also did a First Look with my Dad and Brother! So happy I did! It was amazing!

  5. I did 2 first looks as well. My dad and I had a wonderful moment, and then Jeremy and I went to a different location for our first look. I love how these all turned out!

    Your pictures are gorgeous! I love them all.

  6. Lovely couple, lovely photos and that is actually a great idea! I'll take not of that. It so nice that you're brother is you maid-of-honor :) I can't wait to see more posts!


  7. I also did two first looks! My photos of my daughter-father first look are some of my favorites!

  8. These photos so absolutely beautiful!!

  9. Stunning! That hallway is magical! My husband refused to see me before the wedding, but I did do a first look with my dad, and I loved how the photos turned out!

  10. i teared up reading this. how sweet!!! stopping by from the link up :)

  11. Beautiful! I love the straps on your dress! And what a good idea to do a first look with your dad and brother!

  12. I love that you did a first look with your dad and brother, too! I did one with my dad as well and it was one of my favorite moments! And one of my favorite pictures, too!

  13. GIRL! These are so great!!! Just beautiful!

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