24 March 2015

Four Reasons to Visit the Metal Museum

I've lived in the Memphis area for almost five years. I've lived Downtown for almost two. In all that time, the National Ornamental Metal Museum has been practically in my backyard and this weekend was my first visit (#badmemphian). I have absolutely been missing out! The Metal Museum has so much to offer, here are just four reasons why you should visit:

( 1 ) The Art: Duh. You go to a museum like this, you expect to see some art. Well, the art was mind blowing. It's amazing the things people can do with metal!

( 2 ) The View: The Museum is located on the south end of downtown right on the river. The views are spectacular! No wonder this is a popular wedding spot.

( 3 ) The Classes: The Museum offers classes for all skill levels in which you can learn things like blacksmithing and welding. We happened to be there while a class was going on and watched for a bit. It was very hands on and looked verrrry interesting.

( 4 ) The Events: Not only can you book the grounds for your own private event, but there are other unique events sprinkled throughout the calendar. Do you have a broken piece of metal that you need repaired? There are Repair Days at the museum where you can get things fixed. There are also events with live music and food trucks. Some of these even come with free admission. Check out their calendar. I know for sure we will be attending an event or two in the near future.

We had such a great time visiting. I'm already looking forward to going back to this fascinating and unique Memphis museum.


  1. I'd love to take a welding class. Sounds like a pretty cool place!

  2. These photographs are awesome!! And I love exploring new places even if I've been somewhere for a while. Sounds that your experience at the museum was a great one :)


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