31 March 2015

Looking Back: March

It's hard to believe anotherrrrr month has completely flown by! I guess that's what happens when you're having fun. Anyways, at the beginning of March I set some goals for myself. Let's see how I did, shall we?

>> Take More Pictures - I've actually been better about bringing my camera with me when we go places. I guess there's always room for improvement, though. Both Jeremy and I had fun snapping pictures at the Metal Museum.

>> Make Ice Cream - I did this BUT it was a disaster!!! I pulled out my ice cream maker and tried to make mint ice cream for St. Patrick's Day and it tasted horrible! I still don't know what I did wrong. I muuust try this again and possibly follow one of my tried and true recipes like this one for peach ice cream or this one for cookies & cream.

>> Decorate with Fresh Flowers - I failed at this one, too. I think I was so hopeful that Spring would have sprung entirely, however, we had some cold spells! In April there will be fresh flowers, for sure. I mean, it's hard to leave the Farmer's Market without a bouquet and the market starts back up in April!

>> Create New Embroidery Hoops - I have actually been stitching a whole bunch lately, however, the only new hoop I've shared.... so far.... was this Memphis Grizzlies hoop. I also shared the news that I now do hand embroidery for Cotton Tails, an adorable children's boutique here in Memphis!

>> Find a Pot of Gold - I had the goal to save some money this month. Overall, I think I did okkkkk with this, the biggest issue is grocery shopping!! I don't know how we manage to spend so much money there. We meal plan, and use digital coupon, and still drop loads of dough... any tips?

>> Exercise - Pshh. This is a big fat fail.. I've been so bad with the cold weather and it's hard to get back into the routine. There are rumors around my house that we might be getting bicycles here in the next month or two so that should help :)

So, how was your March?? Bloggers, leave me links! I'd love to read some things you did this month.

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  1. I drop a lot of cash at the grocery store too.

    I've tried to make it a goal to skip a weekly shop because I think I go more out of habit....not that we need anything. It's hard though because I like fresh fruits and veggies and those aren't cheap!

  2. Finding a pot of gold is my most illusive dream haha! You are right grocery shopping always sucks money out of you!


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