04 March 2015

Grit & Grind

It's no secret, this town is a basketball town. Between the Tigers and the Grizzlies, it would be hard to find a Memphian who couldn't have an intelligent conversation about basketball. I stitched up a few Grizzlies hoops recently and thought that if anyone would appreciate some Grizzlies artwork, it would be Memphians. People love this team!

I'm thinking of taking one of these to work to hang in my cubicle.

PS. They're now listed in my shop :)


  1. These look fantastic and (sorry if I'm super late on this but) I just LOVE your new look!! It's so fresh and perfect!

  2. Love these, you're so talented! Oh and you know that as soon as I saw your comment about being a fellow Jersey Girl I just HAD to come check you out. I'm definitely going to have to steal your fort date night idea by the way. I would have never thought of that and it's fantastic!


  3. These look great!! I used to embroider but I lost my touch!


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