02 September 2015



The easiest way to step up an outfit? Adding an amazing necklace!! When I got this one in the mail, I was blowwnnnnn away. It is gorgeous!!! It was sent to me by Happiness Boutique and oh my, their stuff is ahhhmazing.

Anyways, I'm wearing my white jeans as much as I can these days because once it's Labor Day, they get put in the back of my closet until next year. Right? That's still a thing? No white after Labor Day? I'm trying not to wish away Summer but I will say I am looking forward to chunky sweaters and scarves.... my favorite!

Necklace: c/o Happiness Boutique // Jeans: cabi // Top: One of my Stitch Fix keepers 

andddd because I like to keep it real.... there are always some interesting outtakes.


PS. It's my Birthday!!!! To celebrate, over on my shop, if you use code BIRTHDAY you get 27% off!! 27? Because that's how old I am!

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  1. I absolutely adore your style. You should do a post about how you add pieces into your wardrobe. As soon as I pop this kid out (and lose the baby weight) I'm planning to completely redo my wardrobe and I'd love some advice (from someone who knows what they are talking about) on how to SELECTIVELY add quality pieces back into a wardrobe. When I shop for a piece, I don't know what questions to ask myself to ensure that it is truly a good selection that will work well with other pieces in my closet. As a result, I end up with TONS of clothes but very few versatile pieces. Anyways, if you ever decided to offer up some advice, I'd be first in line to read it. :)


  2. Your hair is amazing!!



  3. Adorable!! Great pictures!



  4. Great look, a necklace always add another layer of chic to an outfit. Love the one you chose.


  5. Your necklace is gorgeous!
    Have a great holiday weekend :)

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  6. Love that necklace, and the whole outfit actually. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)


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