03 September 2011

Happy Birthday to Us

It's only Saturday afternoon and we've already had a grrrrreat birthday weekend. On Thursday, for the boy's birthday, we headed over to the Liberty Bowl to see the Memphis Tigers kickoff their football season. Sadly, they couldn't get a win for us (not even close really) but we had fun anddd everyday I learn more and more what college football is like in the south (whoa).

Now, it isn't a birthday without some cake.. I baked Jeremy a vanilla cake with Tiger blue (or I wanted it to be Tiger blue) frosting and grey sprinkles. Let me just say this cake looks so much better in pictures than in real life hah it's kinda lopsided and falling apart... ehh who cares it still tastes good.


Yesterday was my birthday and I had to go to work.. luckily they let us out early so that was great! When I got home Jeremy came over and surprised me with a cake of my own that he had baked from scratch. I guess I had mentioned some time long ago that I loved chocolate cake with banana filling so that's what he made! How thoughtful is that? 

Last night we headed into downtown Memphis to grab some dinner and walk around. We went to a restaurant we had never gone to and it was absolutely delicious! I wish we brought home leftovers.

So far our birthday weekend has been filled with cake and fun things and I know there is still more fun to come. We may end up rolling around by Tuesday with all this cake we are inevitably going to eat but it'll all be worth it. This year's birthday has already been one of the best :)


  1. Happy birthday to ALL OF US! Holy cow, I feel like September is the month of awesome people's birthdays! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and keep eating lots of cake :)

  2. Football in the South is the best! Oh, ho I miss college:)

    The cake does look fantastic. And it all goes to the same place anyway, right:) Looking good in the picture is the important part.


  3. I'm glad you are loving the South! I miss it. You really should go to a Bama game if at all possible. You'll never forget it!

    And happy late birthday!

  4. How cute that your birthdays are so close! Love your blog-I'm your newest follower! I interned for a minor league baseball team and LOVED it. The minor league world is such fun.


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