06 October 2011

What's for dinner... (4)

I was so good this week! I took pictures to link up with Mallorie at Home is with you...

On Sunday, I went to a baby shower (Congratulations Maria!!) but afterwards Jeremy and I whipped up some spaghetti using some gravy we had frozen from the last time we made a batch. Mom, since I know you now read my blog, it tastes so good even after being frozen! We did good :) We are definitely going to be making some more.

Monday, after a busy day at work (hockey season is approaching WAY too quickly), Jeremy told me he was bringing dinner over. His mom had made some vegetarian lasagna and sent me some. It was delicious! Last time I saw her she mentioned to me that she had found a recipe that looked pretty good... it really was! I even had some leftovers the next day for lunch.

I worked late on Tuesday, yuck, no fun. I ended up eating hummus at my desk hah how depressing. BUT to make up for it, when I came home, I baked a blueberry pie! Ok, I'll be honest.. I cheated.. I used frozen pie crust and canned pie filling. Sometimes though that's all you need. I would like to be able to make my own pies from scratch one day but for now, the fake stuff is working just fine for me.

Last night was a soup night.. nothing too exciting there! My Mom did call me and asked me some questions about our Mexican Crescents.. she was making them for dinner because she saw them on my blog. Too funny.

This week there wasn't much kitchen innovation but that's alright sometimes. I'm just happy that among all the busyness right now in my life I'm able to still have time to sit down and eat a meal at home.


  1. That vegetarian lasagna looks amazing. And before I read under that pie I thought you made that all from scratched and I was about to be really impressed! Haha, that's something that's on my list of things to try someday. My Dad planted a bunch of fruit trees at his lake cabin so as soon as they have fruit I might have to attempt to make one :)

  2. Trust me, these easts look amazing. I love pasta. I don't really eat it often but when I do, I'm in heaven. Blueberry pie is my FAVOURITE kind of pie and store bought crust is totally okay in my books! Yeah, from scratch is great but who has the time?!?!


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