27 February 2012

You Inspire Me

I think it's truly incredible how many bloggers are so open about their religion and their faith. I spent a lot of time reading blog posts that were linked to last week's Cup Half Full post, and it's truly a remarkable thing.

They're not worried about being judged or offending anyone. They have an immense love for God and they aren't afraid to show it. They are genuine and kind and in my opinion, admirable.
Basically what I'm saying is, you ladies inspire me. You inspire me to be more open with my faith and my thoughts. People who love me will love me regardless of my beliefs, so why do I feel like I need to censor myself sometimes? In terms of the blog world, this is my blog, and I should be myself here in all aspects, regardless of what followers may think. I should express myself how I want and not worry so much about what my readers will think.

So, thanks to all of you for being my inspiration. I hope everyone has a fantastic week!



  1. I hear ya girl!! I have some friends that have a love for Jesus that is so contagious! It's absolutely wonderful to have people around you that can challenge your faith in beautiful ways.



  2. They inspire me too. Found your on Cup 1/2 Full :) New follower.

    Lauren Rebecca

  3. :-) I am so inspired by the ladies who are so raw about their relationship with the Lord on their blogs! I think they are a gift from God to me!

  4. I completely agree with you! It's so very inspiring, and I'm working on becoming more open about my beliefs as well. Though personally, I think it's easier to do on a blog than when talking to someone in real life :)


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