23 March 2012

Getting Lucky in the Apple Store

Ok, our Apple store is not nearly as cool as this one...

The beginning of this week I started noticing my phone was acting all funny. I would be talking to someone on the phone and all of a sudden they would start saying "hello? hello?" and I would say "hello? can you hear me?" and then they'd hang up. I could hear them but they couldn't hear me. So frustrating.

I went to AT&T to see what they thought. They said maybe it was the microphone, but this still happened when using bluetooth or the headphones. What the heck was wrong with my phone?!

The AT&T lady made me an appointment two days from then at the Apple store. Well, I couldn't wait that long. I went to the Apple store the next day since I pass it on my way home anyway hoping that maybe, just maybe, they'd cut me a break. This is where I got lucky. 

I didn't have an appointment with the genius bar, mine was the next day, I just happened to start talking to the employee who had had the same problem I was having! He squeezed me into the schedule. 

When I finally got to my Apple genius person, she ran a diagnostic test and said that I would either be covered under warranty or I'd have to buy a whole new phone for a couple hundred bucks. 
I was nervous.

When the diagnostic tests were done, it turns out I was still under warranty and only was.. for nine more days. Nine days!!! If my phone started acting all weird just a few days later I would have had to buy a whole new phone!!! The employees couldn't believe it, they said they'd never seen anyone cut it that close. The iPhone gods were smiling down on me.

I got so lucky. And now I have a brand new phone that makes calls perfectly :)

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  1. Oh how lucky! I don't even have an iPhone (...or a warranty on my phone), but that would be just about the most incredible thing!


  2. What luck! That almost never happens.

  3. just found your blog through Kristens! i live in Memphis too :) following you now!


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