25 July 2012

Weekend in Austin - The Fun

As you can probably tell from my post yesterday, I had the best time in Austin!!!
Want to see what else we did besides eat?

We snuck onto the top of a parking garage to take in the breathtaking views of Austin.

We hung out on South Congress.

We wondered 6th Street - which is the Austin equivalent of Beale Street with equally as amusing people watching!

We toured UT Austin .. where Kevin is currently studying.

In addition to alllll of this we also went kayaking, got Jeremy hooked on Dexter, went to Ikea (there are non near Memphis!) and spent good quality time together. This is really the first time I've hung out with Kevin and Virginia for an extended period of time and I miss them! I can't wait to go back and visit!! 


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time and I love the pictures! I always hear/read such great things about Austin.

    The orange longhorn, though? Kinda creepy. But then again, I'm not a Texas girl :)

  2. ooo did you go into big top candy shop on soco?! It's delish and cute to boot! Old timey and tons of different types of candy. Come down again for a girls trip to hang with some Austin bloggers :)

  3. you hit all the best spots! I'm glad you saw some of the Texas HIllcountry because people dont realize Austin has rolling hills and lakes!! And isnt uncommon objects amazing...I could spend all day in there!


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