04 September 2012

Rain On Our Parade

Liberty Bowl

Saturday was the Memphis Tiger football home opener. It was a pretty big deal. Updated stadium, brand new coach, ginormous video board, not to mention my boyfriend's 30th birthday (the biggest tiger fan I know). The game started - everything was looking good. Then the clouds rolled in. Huge black clouds carrying with them severe thunderstorms.

During the third quarter it started to rain. Followed by crazy loud thunder and lightning. We took shelter on the concourse and waited out the storm. Two hours and 45 minutes we waited. Then the Tigers started to play again. Unfortunately, they lost. After waiting for so long it was heartbreaking. I just hope this isn't an indicator of the rest of the season.

I probably wouldn't have included this picture before because it's out of focus and my hair is a messs but I think it accurately depicts what the night was like... even though we got rained on and lost, we still had a good time!

PS. Sorry for the photo heavy posts.. I just LOVE my new camera!


  1. Are y'all going to come watch them play against ASU this weekend?! We can go have a buffet dinner! Haha

  2. I'm glad you were able to enjoy yourselves despite the weather. Yay for football!

  3. We were at the Delta Fair and made it home right as the rain hit. Whew!

    Your pics look great!!

  4. I'm so impressed that you stayed until the end! I just waited until the rain slacked off enough to run to the car!


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