30 November 2012

Go Tigers Go

Ten Feet Off Beale - Memphis Tigers

College basketball season can now officially begin... we have finally gone to a Memphis Tiger basketball game and it was a good one at that. They won!! It's always a successful night when you team comes out with a W. 

In other news.. I'm SO happy it's Friday!! We've got some fun things planned this weekend.. St. Jude Marathon (no, we're not running, just volunteering) and a Tacky Sweater Christmas Party and lots and lots of relaxing!! Should be a good one.

 Ps. How is tomorrow DECEMBER?! Where did this year go!!!???



  1. I'm a new follower and I must say that you have a gorgeous blog! I am also from TN about an hour east from you. Have fun cheering on them Tigers.


  2. Girrrl! Of course we won against the Seahawks! (Or whatever the Martin team is called)

  3. cute blog! found it through another blog. lookin forward to gettin to know ya better!



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