29 November 2012

Things You Never Knew You Couldn't Live Without

SkyMall Edition

On the plane this past weekend, Jeremy and I started browsing through the SkyMall catalog.. if you've never looked through it, you're pretty much missing out. 
I think we came up with some good Christmas gift ideas ;)

This is pretty much the ultimate Christmas gift guide!

For the Multicultural:


Just in case you were decorating a Hanukkah themed Christmas tree...

For the Wine Enthusiast:

If you're going to drink a whole bottle of wine.. why do you even need a glass?

For the Man Who Has Everything (except hair):

For instant smiles, wear a shady visor with a built-in 'doo.

The model looks so much happier with some fake hair on his head.. oh, I mean his visor.

For the Fashionista:

One of a kind shirts, for one of a kind men.
All shirts are a piece of art and patterns are never repeated.

Shouldn't he be happier that he's wearing a shirt pattern that is never repeated? I know I would be!

For the Dog Lover:

Comfort and luxury have gone to the dogs.

Doesn't everyone want to store their dog in their side tables?

For the Kids:

Animated T-Rex Hoodies

Doesn't this make you wonder what the hoodie looks like when your arms aren't folded?

For the Workaholic:

Sleep like a baby while sitting up.

Nobody will ever know you're sleeping at your desk!

Now, I just need you all to buy me one of everything :)

By the way, these are all real items, anddddd we just thought they were silly.. there are plenty more!


  1. This it too funny! Gotta love the Skymall catalog. There are some pretty, uh, creative people out there, haha

  2. I think the Flair Hair Visor is my favorite! Ha! Thanks for letting me know about all of these things I now need! My Christmas wish list just got even longer!

  3. Oh my gosh that dog house! And I totally can't live without that giant wine glass!

  4. that is so hilarious!! some good gag gifts in that book!

  5. Awesome! I am a new follower from the blog hop! Would love for you to check out my site @ www.momssurvivingkids.com

  6. HAHAHA coming across your blog for the first time so glad I saw this! It just brought a little laughter to my Friday afternoon - not to mention so legit!
    Great post girl :)
    XO Angela


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