04 January 2013

Third New Year

It's so crazy to think Jeremy and I just celebrated our third new year together. We have traditions for everything, except how we ring in the new year. The past three years we've done something different, we have, however, always spent it with friends. That's exactly how I want it. Together, with people we care about, bringing in the beginning of a new, exciting year, with so much potential. I wonder where we'll be next year.

We spent the beginning of 2013 with friends we haven't seen in a while. I'm so happy we all finally got to hang out!! Let's do that again soon, yes?

This picture is so funny to me because before this picture was taken, our friend Dustin was carrying around his camera. Jeremy and I were just standing there posing waiting for him to see us! It took him a while so we were trying hard not to laugh. He finally saw us and snapped our picture! #memories

In New Jersey fireworks are illegal. Even in surrounding states you can only get little sparklers that stay on the ground. I had never shot fireworks like this before, especially not on New Year's, so when I saw these GIANT boxes of very professional looking fireworks, I was excited. It was definitely a first.


and just for fun, this last picture is from our very first new year's together...

What do you do for New Year's? Do you have any traditions?   



  1. Y'all are too cute!! I cannot believe that fireworks were illegal. I hope you had a blast shooting them for the first time!!

  2. Fireworks are illegal in NY too but everyone shoots them. Well no maybe just illegal to but in NY? Hmm. But I love sparklers just as much anyway.

  3. We southerners certainly love our fireworks and explosions. My neighbors are still shooting them off.

  4. So cute! :)

    One of my best friends used to have a NYE party at her parents' house in the country every year. I was sad when that tradition came to an end a few years ago. Lots of great memories!

  5. What a lovely NYE! This year we spent it in Mexico, last year with friends on a ski trip, and just the two of us the year before that. Like you two, we do something different every year!

  6. I LOVE fireworks, and they are illegal where I live too :/
    Such cute pictures of you and your man! :)

  7. FIREWORKS ARE ILLEGAL IN JERSEY!!! Oh my gosh. How sad! They are my favorite!

  8. You are too cute.Have an awesome year ahead!

    Bong's Belleza

  9. only illegal if you get caught. :)
    new follower and i'm excitied to be linking up with y'all today too! :)
    happy new year!!


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