26 February 2013

Eating in Memphis (15) - The Cheese Cake Corner

Ten Feet Off Beale - Eating in Memphis - Cheesecake Corner

Once again, our list brought us to an amazing hole-in-the-wall. If you're looking for a place to end your night downtown with a little coffee and dessert, we've found the place for you.The Cheese Cake Corner. It's a cozy little spot on GE Patterson with delicious cheesecake!!

I also want to point out that the people that worked here were all extremely nice. Like, they'll go out of the way to make you happy, nice. That was refreshing and honestly makes me want to go back soon.

We shared a slice of the peach.. since it was on our list, and we even had to take some home. It was pretty rich, but still delicious!

Ten Feet Off Beale - Eating in Memphis

I mean, how good does that look?

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  1. That looks so good!! I love finding new places like that.


  2. I've veen hearing of this place for so manyyears but have still never been. I know it sounds crazy, but I've never been able to find it. I googled it a while back and didn't have any luck.

  3. Cheese cake corner?!?! I would be there weekly! I love me some cheesecake!

  4. That looks amazing! I'm a sucker for cheesecake!

  5. Ohhh...that looks yum-o! I've always wanted to eat there...but haven't yet. On my to-do list for sure!

  6. Oh, I love places that are so welcoming like that! It definitely keeps me coming back to a place when I know I'll get great service. :)

  7. This place is the bomb dot com.. I looooove it!!

  8. that looks so good! I've been to Memphis once and I'd love to go back!

  9. I'm tempted to call my hubby and ask him to bring home cheesecake :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    The Hartungs Blog

  10. oh my! i've been wanted to go here FOREVER! i'd go right now, but unfortunately we live like an hour away...next time I'm downtown we are definitely stopping in :)


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