11 February 2013

The Best Plans

ten feet off beale - memphis grizzlies

Sometimes, the best plans, are the last minute, unscheduled, complete surprise plans. Friday night, I was supposed to have girl's night but since some were sick, we postponed. I thought I'd spend Friday night at home cleaning (I had the itch to do a little spring cleaning). On my way home from work, I got a text from Jeremy.

"Wanna go to the Grizzlies game, tonight?"

So, an hour later, we were downtown walking to Fed Ex Forum to meet up with some friends who had some extra tickets. We hadn't been to a Grizzlies game since we first started dating! It was fun to be back. I forgot how much fun they were!!

If you're ever in Memphis, or if you live in Memphis and have the opportunity to get your hands on some tickets, I definitly recommend going. You don't have to be an NBA fan to enjoy a Grizzlies game. and of course, the best way to celebrate a victory is with some soft pretzels at the Flying Saucer.

Sooooooo, a big thank you to Angela for thinking of us :) We really had a great great time. 

  Did you do anything fun and unexpected this weekend?



  1. I can't believe I never went to a game the whole time I lived downtown! I miss the Saucer downtown, too!

  2. We adopted a dog from the shelter. He'll be home in a few days! :)

  3. I live in Southaven! So glad I found your blog! I've been to a Tigers game but I want to go to a Grizzlies game one day!


  4. It was fun to promote your instagram account be back. I forgot how much fun they were!!


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