14 March 2013

Pi Day // The One Where I Almost Burned the Building Down

Pie Day //

Happy Pi Day, everyone!! In honor of math, and how happy I am that I no longer have to take math classes, I moved Pie Day Friday to today.. Pi Day.

This month was an interesting one. Around Valentine's Day, Target had these adorable pie presses that I absolutely needed to have. Since it's usually only Jeremy and me eating the pies that I make, I figured smaller portions were probably best. I was so excited to try it out for March's Pie Day!!

The recipe on the package of the pie press is for a raspberry pie. A super duper easy recipe at that. I thought that was exactly what I needed until I sent this text to Jeremy:

"I may have almost burnt down the building... oops"

Even though I am now a pro at making pie dough, and the raspberry filling couldn't have been easier, somehow I forgot how to use my oven. Yeah. Maybe I'm the only dumb one out there, but apparently wax paper and parchment paper are not the same thing.

The recipe said to bake the little mini pies on parchment paper. I only had wax paper.

A few minutes into the baking process I started to smell something burning. I opened my oven and smoke came billowing out (ok, that's a slight exaggeration). Soooo those four pies didn't quite make the cut. Luckily,  I still had a few heart shaped pies waiting to be baked. They went in the oven without the wax paper and came out edible.

 I won't make that mistake again (I hope).

Ten Feet Off Beale Pie Day

Jeremy even told me these are his favorite pies so far!!

So what did I learn?
Simple recipes are good recipes
wax paper is not parchment paper

I think we can call this one a success.. right?

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  1. ha! sorry for your misfortune, but this is a pretty funny story. :) also, I wonder if I can still find those pie presses at Target? these little hearts are cuuuuuute!

  2. so sooo cute!!! My girl friends and I have an annual pie party every year where we bring pies, wear dresses and drink! Lots of fun. I want to try to make those mini pies for this year!

  3. YUMMMMMMMMY!!! I totally should have made a pie today.. maybe next year

  4. O my gosh! How cute are these and you! No worries, you are not the first to almost burn down a building. Most certainly caught our kitchen on fire in our old apartment trying to fry okra....

  5. these are just adorable!! XO

  6. these look amazing! way to go! and hey, at least you didn't actually cause a huge fire, right? that is a success, friend! xo :)

  7. LOL! I've done plenty of similar things and in fact am surprised that I haven't made exactly the same mistake. :) The tiny pie presses are a great idea! Maybe I should look for some.

  8. oh they are so cute!

  9. I make something like this and a nice finishing touch is putting sanding sugar on top! It is very coarse ground sugar that adds a great crunch and great with the raspberries.

  10. your title made me laugh and got m attention, they look yummy!

  11. These are soo cute! I love making handpies. I definitely have to try making these heart shaped ones!

  12. in love with those little pies!!! so stinkin' cute!


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