11 April 2013

Blue & Gray

Ten Feet Off Beale // Blue & Gray

What do we do when the weather is gorgeous? Go watch the Memphis Tigers play football, of course! Football, you say? Football season doesn't start for another couple of months! Why, yes! This past weekend we got a dose of football to hold us over until the real season begins. And by us I mean the fiance. Anywaysssss, this past weekend was the Blue-Gray game where the team scrimmages so we can check out what kind of season we have in store. As always, we had lots of fun.

PS. The Liberty Bowl (the stadium where the Tigers play) gets super duper windy... that's the reason for the hood. It helped keep the hair out of my eyes! 



  1. I love spring football! I wish I lived closer to Oxford so that I could watch my Rebels play!

  2. Ole Miss's Spring game is this weekend and I. can't wait. :)

  3. You look so cute! :)


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