21 May 2013

The View: BBQ Fest

If you are going to be in Memphis for Barbecue Fest, you can expect to see at least one, if not all, of these things:

Ten Feet Off Beale // Mississippi River

The Mighty Mississippi
Since the Memphis in May festivities mostly happen right in Tom Lee Park, which runs along the banks of the Mississippi River, the views really can't be beat. It's especially amazing to see at sunset.

Ten Feet Off Beale // BBQ Fest

Dapper Dressers
That gentleman in the purple was not alone. A few feet ahead of him was a man dressed entirely in blue and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if there were more. You can definitely expect to see some people dressed to the nines while others seem to have forgotten some of their clothes. Seriously, there is some of the best people watching at Barbecue Fest.

Ten Feet Off Beale // BBQ Fest

Downtown Memphis
Not only do you see the skyline of downtown, you see the skyline through a haze of smoke. The smoke? It's from the hundreds of smokers found throughout the festival. Needless to say, it smells pretty amazing.

Ten Feet Off Beale // Mud

There is one thing you can rely on during Memphis in May. It will rain. A lot. Luckily, the rain doesn't put a damper on the festivities. As a result, there is mud everywhere. So watch where you step!

Ten Feet Off Beale // BBQ Fest

Extreme Tents
It seriously amazes me how in depth some of these tents are. I don't even think they should be called tents. Some of the teams literally build structures. I guess that's one way to get out of the mud.

Ten Feet Off Beale // Memphis in May

Recreational Activities
People really know how to have a good time while down on the river. While some play golf, others play giant Jenga, or go for a walk. There are also countless drinking games going on. It's one giant party.


  1. It looks like you had such an amazing time at BBQ Fest! I can see my old office building in your skyline picture...it sticks out like crazy to me :)

  2. Awesome pictures from BBQ fest! It really is some of the best people watching. From one extreme to another. I really wish I had found you to go walk around with. I always love walking and looking at all the names and the booths, but by the time I get a chance to my Jeremy's feet are so tired from being on them all week he doesn't feel like going for a stroll, lol

  3. I've got to experience this one year! Those sunsets are bound to be beautiful!

  4. My tent was the Jenga tent!!!

  5. Great pictures! That looks like fun!



  6. Oh muddy Memphis in May... Makes me miss home! Those are definitely Memphis in May things! Love the dapper dresser!



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