01 July 2013

Seersucker Sunday

Seersucker Bow Ties -- Ten Feet Off Beale

Seersucker BOW TIE Sunday to be exact!

Recently, Jeremy stumbled upon a new website.. actually I think his mom showed it to us. Anywayssss, it's a website that makes and sells bow ties called The Cordial Churchman. Every Sunday, when we go to church, Jeremy gets pretty dressed up. He is always wearing a tie, and on special occasions, his one bow tie. For months he'd been talking about how he needed to start adding to his collection.

Since Jeremy discovered The Cordial Churchman, I have heard so much about bow ties. First, it took him forever to choose one he wanted. Then, he was tracking the package. Once it was here, he was counting down the days until he could wear it to church. What made him even more excited was the fact that his Dad also ordered one, so the two of them wore their brand new seersucker bow ties yesterday, and they both looked great!

Ten Feet Off Beale

It doesn't really get much more Southern than this!! The next step is making our own bow ties.. oh boy. 

The Cordial Churchman did not compensate me, nor do they even know I'm writing this. Just wanted to share a good thing!

PS. Happy July, everybody!! Where in the world did June go?!
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  1. I made all of the bow ties for our Derby party. SO EASY!

  2. Oh how cute is that!! I love it. So very Southern :)

  3. Oh my goodness, this is just precious. I love it! I wish my husband could pull off a bow tie haha!

  4. love seersucker!! my hubs loves bow ties and wears them often. I recently made him a bow tie as an anniversary gift and it was surprisingly easy :) I need to post about that later this week considering that it's been a month since our anniversary ha! I've got some red seersucker fabric and a black/white plaid that I'm planning to make into bow ties for him very soon. Can't wait to see what you do!

  5. I loveeeeeee these! Totally buying one for my husband!


  6. Those are adorable! And how cute that he was so excited about receiving his. If only I could get my man to dress up- it would be a dream!

  7. That's awesome!!! My hubby would love those. He definitely has a thing for bow ties. :-)

  8. They look great! You are right.. SO southern!

  9. The bow ties are pretty precious!

    Okay, this is super random, but does Jeremy work at the Y in Olive Branch? I could have sworn I saw him there the other night..

  10. Love those bow ties! I need to get my man to wear one!


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