26 July 2013

Updates and Fun Things

- You know I love some good wall art. This is a picture that hasn't made it on my blog yet!

- My Mom is coming to Memphis this weekend!! We're going to have a girl's weekend and I couldn't be more excited. We're going to spend lots of quality time together, just the two of us, andddd we're even going to visit some potential wedding venues!

- We're celebrities!! Not really, but we are pretty excited (that might be an understatement) we're on the Official Elvis Presley website promoting Elvis Week (which is a HUGE deal around here). Can you find us?

- I want to try this Pink Kiwi Smoothie so badly!! I know a few things I'll be adding to my grocery list... Thanks, Ashley!

- Trying to figure out how I could effectively use the new Passionfruit 2.0 features. Anybody have anything they want to see or any sponsor options you'd like me to provide? Even just letting me know what you're most excited about in terms of the new features helps!

- I love this Linkup that Laura started!! She's selling some items from her closet and has a spot where you can add a link to items you may have for sale.. This could be dangerous...

- When was the last time you checked out my Etsy shop!? I've added a few more options!

- This series is too cute! Courtney's husband talks about all the things pregnancy has taught him.

- Can you imagine staying in a house with 27 people? Yeah, I can't either, but this post by Susannah makes it look so fun! Plus there's the sweetest little wedding included.

- Remember when I teased you all with a secret? Don't worry, I'll be sharing soon, I promise!!



  1. I saw y'all! So fun!

    Hope you and your mom have a great time.

  2. Have fun visiting venues this weekend!! SO exciting :) And I see yall on the Elvis site. How cool and what a cute pic of yall!

  3. So glad that you love the smoothie. Hope you have a wonderful fun filled weekend :)

  4. Thanks for the shout out! And enjoy your girls weekend! Sounds like so much fun!


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