10 October 2013

Visiting Villanova

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In addition to picking out my wedding dress this weekend, I had the chance to visit my brother at Villanova, my alma mater. It's only been a little over 3 years since I graduated, yet so much has changed. At the same time, everything felt the same. There are new buildings and renovations, things are very different, yet I still get the same feeling when walking through campus. So many memories come rushing back. My time at Villanova was truly something special.

I'm so happy my brother is there. It thrills me that he's making his time at Villanova completely his own. Years from now, we'll walk through campus remembering all the fun we both had there.

Does visiting your alma mater tug at your heart strings, too? (hah I hope it's not just me!!)


  1. I went back to my university a couple months after graduation and even then it was completely changed! That was over a year ago, so I can't imagine how much more has gone on! Some days I really miss it, and others I'm glad I'm an "adult".

    carelessly graceful

  2. I absolutely get my heart strings pulled when I go back to my alma maters - more so, on my community college one because I was so involved there.

    I am currently practicing to perform with my other Alumni Hi-Steppers for our annual performance at the homecoming game next thursday.

    eek. :)


  3. Definitely not just you. I went back to mine a month ago and missed it so much. Completely agree - so much has changed but it's still a bit the same.


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