05 November 2013

Ford Fiesta Movement: Entertainment

How do you entertain yourself? The possibilities are pretty much endless. Everyone is different and everyone has different ideas about entertainment. I was browsing some of the official Ford Fiesta Movement Agent's videos the other day and came across the one below. Watch it. I mean, how fun and entertaining does that gorgeous day in California look!!

Memphis doesn't look quite like that. (Not even close) However, that doesn't mean there aren't entertaining things to do in Memphis! Here are some of my favorites:

1. Orpheum
Whether it's a musical or the ballet or simply just a movie, I've never had a bad time at the Orpheum. You can pretty much always count on an entertaining time when you visit. Not to mention, it's absolutely gorgeous.

2. The Band Box
There's a tiny little bar found on the world famous Beale Street that sometimes gets forgotten. It's called The Band Box and it's part of Blues City Cafe. We like ducking into the Band Box on weekend to watch some awesome Rockabilly bands (our favorite is Hillbilly Casino) bust out classic tunes from Elvis and Johnny Cash and some original tunes as well.

3. Zoo
For some quieter entertainment, I like spending the day at the Zoo. Simply walking around is not only fun, and relaxing, and good exercise. The animals are always entertaining. The monkeys get me every time. 

4. Museums
Memphis is fulllll of history. There are so many different museums that cover many many different topics! For instance, there's the Cotton Museum, the Brooks Museum, the Children's Museum of Memphis, and the Metal Museum. All are unique, educational, and entertaining in their own special way.

5. Fed Ex Forum
The Fed Ex Forum is the home of the Memphis Grizzlies andddd the Memphis Tigers. Basketball games are always fun and entertaining, especially in Memphis. The people here take their basketball very seriously. 

What is your favorite thing to do for entertainment where you live?

This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for my participation. The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I love the Orpheum and our school is going back SOON! So excited!

    So glad you blogged about what Memphis has to offer.


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