16 January 2014

Doctor Who

Doctor Who Tardis Embroidery Hoop // Ten Feet Off Beale http://www.etsy.com/shop/tenfeetoffbeale

I was recently asked to create a special Doctor Who Tardis embroidery hoop. I'll be honest, I didn't really understand what I was making. For those of you who might be in the dark like I was (although I have a feeling you are few and far between), Dr. Who is a very popular sci-fi British television show that has been airing since the 60s! This hoop depicts the Tardis which the Doctor uses to travel around the universe. Yeah, I had to do some research.

Now I'm intrigued and I have to ask, do any of you watch Doctor Who??

PS. This hoop is now listed in my shop!


  1. It's definitely one of my favorite shows :)

  2. Um, I'm obsessed! I started watching the revived series (it came back in 2005 after a hiatus) in the beginning of November because their 50th Anniversary Special was coming up and I didn't think I'd be obsessed with it... but I am.
    This hoop is perfection too! :)

    carelessly graceful

  3. One of the ONLY shows I will NOT miss an episode of!! I LOVE Doctor Who! I am super excited for the next season. My favorite of the "New" doctors is 9, and I love tom baker in the old series!

  4. Nope, know nothing about it.. lol

  5. RIP Eleven. I am excited to see how the new season and doctor pan out. I love this lil Tardis hoop :] What a clever and fun idea!

  6. I DEFINITELY watch Dr Who. It's one of my favorite TV shows. :-)

  7. I never ever heard of it until this past year... color my tickled! I had no idea it was such a big deal and that people are huge fans (like if they watch it, they love it). My sister just recently started watching and is obsessed. I don't get it.... oops!

  8. Dr. Who is huge here in London! {Obviously.} I would never voice my true opinions about the show here, but honestly, I don't get what everyone is so worked up about over this show. I thought it was kind of corny. :o) You did a good job recreating the Tardis, though!

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