27 March 2014

5 Basic Elements for Explorations at Home

If there's something I love to do, it's explore Memphis (which I think is pretty obvious if you've read my blog for about five seconds). Anyways, sometimes the greatest treasures are hidden right in your own backyard! People tend to overlook the amazing things they get to see everyday. Dulce, who blogs over at Curiosities and Tales, compiled a list of essential items for exploring where you live. I love it!! I always carry my camera around with me. You never know when you'll stumble upon something amazing.

Hi there! I'm Dulce from Curiosities and Tales, and recently I started a project called "Explorations at Home" which basically are little adventures in your hometown with the main purpose of discover new places and going out of the routine.

Today, I'm sharing with you those elements that, for me, are pretty much a necessity during this new project.

1. Comfy shoes, or in this case boots. Usually i would prefer tennis shoes, but when exploring in a place with wildflowers or weed (like in the cemetery), it's safe to use boots.
2. Cameras and Film: as a blogger, you probably have a pretty DSLR, which is totally acceptable, but let me explain why i prefer point and shoot cameras for this project. They are easy to take with you, and easy to put in your pocket. A DSLR bring so much attention to you, and if you are exploring suburbs in which you never been before, even when you are in your hometown, it's safer keep a low profile. 
Here I have to add that point and shoot cameras have lots of fun functions, like mine (fujifilm xf1), for example i can take double exposures with it or use the mode toy camera.
And of course, film cameras! They are so much fun and it's so exciting to wait until you get your film develop, waiting for the results. I rediscovered my love for film cameras just recently, so I'm looking forward to developing two films that I have right now.
3. Bag and tote bag. Since you want to keep a low profile, the right bag is really important, too. I chose the messenger type bag since it's easy to carry, and its size is perfect  for my point and shoot camera and my toy camera plus some film. Also, it has two lateral pockets in which i can carry my ipod. 
Something extra about this bag is that it has foam on the front and back, so extra protection for my cameras!

The tote bag is really great since you can fold it and keep it inside your bag until you need it.
And why would you need a tote bag? Well, for collect little treasures that you found in your explorations!

4. Notebooks. I love to take little notebooks with me, so I can write whatever I'm thinking at the moment, or interesting things that I want to remember at the end of my adventures.
5. Sunblock, I usually burn pretty easy, even when is cloudy, so this one here is a necessity for me.
Hope you enjoy this post and start exploring your hometown! 


  1. I LOVE your camera! I have a bigger Fujifilm and a smaller Canon point and shoot, and I agree - the point and shoot is much more convenient most of the time, especially when you aren't sure where you'll end up. Memphis is such a great city - love all the exploring!

  2. This is so cute! I love going exploring!

  3. Such a cute post! Makes me want to go explore my town!


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