16 April 2014

Another Fix

Reagan Crochet Detail Tribal Print Tank - Stitch Fix / Ten Feet Off Beale
When I received my Stitch Fix box the last time, I was hesitant to post pictures on my blog. I was self-conscious and didn't know if it would be well received. Well, it turns out, you guys like seeing what other people are sent by Stitch Fix! Sooooo, I thought I'd ask you guys for help again. Which items should I keep this time??

What is Stitch Fix?? This post should help!!
Krissa Mixed Print Henley Blouse - Stitch Fix / Ten Feet Off Beale
Kye Jersey Printed Swing Skirt - Stitch Fix / Ten Feet Off Beale Sugar Dot Print Fit & Flare Dress - Stitch Fix / Ten Feet Off Beale Emmet Marled Knit Open Cardigan - Stitch Fix / Ten Feet Off Beale

Are you interested in being sent your very own Stitch Fix?? Sign up here! Seriously, you will absolutely LOVE it!



  1. I vote the last two! So cute and versatile!

  2. I love that first top! It will be so prefect for the warm weather coming soon (or maybe already there for you lol)!

  3. I just ordered my first fix and set it to arrive on June 3rd. That should give me a little time to pay down the home remodel expenses before it gets here. I love the idea of putting a polling option into your post like that! I've never seen anyone else do it.. If I can figure out how to do that, I might just steal your idea (giving you credit of course!) By the way, I voted for the first and the last pieces. Soooo pretty on you!


  4. Gah I love them all! Especially that skirt! :)

    carelessly graceful

  5. I voted for the tank & the dress! Both of those will be great in the soon-to-be sweltering Memphis weather!

  6. I signed up for the program but mine isn't due until June- this is the first time I've seen someone's products though so its nice to see the variety and amount they send. Thanks!

  7. I love the tribal print tank and the cardigan! I've been thinking about trying the Stitch Fix box and after seeing the nice things you got I might have to do it.

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